Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yarn Bath - an out of this world experiance

No, it's not often i am the one in front of the lens, actually the only time i can recall was my wedding 5 years ago, so when a dear sweet friend Yvonne and I developed the "yarn tub" concept, well it seemed only natural for me to jump before the lens.
I pack up my stash and headed to my friend Ursula's house, she had kindly volunteered her outside bath tub; in the name of art, of course. After much set dressing we got to work.

The results, saucy, sexy, fun and overall delightful, i had a fantastic time and the pictures reflect that. Have a giggle; I did.


Kris said...

How fun does that look!

you really need to get in front of the camera more and share your fabulous-ness

lillismum said...

awe thanx Kris xx