Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Self Portrait - 2010

Welcome to my photography blog and yet another alter-ego.

The Black Cats Name is Lola, is a blog to exhibit my photography work.

After develping a passion for photography in primary school and purchasing my first camera at age 8 ( it was fluro orange and was called " LA BRITES" and took cartridge film) i quickly progressed and started using my Mum's Pentax instamatic. I plugged away on the instamatic and my passion was revived when in Highschool i discovered that there was a class especially for photography. At 15 my father purchased me a Canon SLR, it was my pride and joy, every where i went, it went too. I nearly sent my parents broke developing 35mm film.

In 2006 my gorgeous husband ( who was also sick of paying ofr film development) bought me a Canon DSLR and re-ignited the photography fire in me. Since then i have taken over 10,000 photos ( that i have saved , this doesn;t include the out of focus and "bad shot" ones)

So this will be the place that i share my work.

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